About Me

Do you work in retail?

I work in a retail, big box store, myself – but I’ve got goals that go way beyond it.

It’s just that right now, where I am in my life dictates that I need to take a seat, buckle down and solidify the ground beneath me for a while.

As the ground gets more stable, I spend more time thinking about how to take THIS experience and turn it into the NEXT one.

With this blog I hope to connect with others who are feeling the same way I do:

  • We know there’s more we could be doing with our lives and our passions
  • We’re not all that interested in listening to what others think we should be doing with our lives
  • We’re tired of participating in dead-end conversations about how dead-end people think their jobs are
  • We know that our employer is there to make a profit, and it’s up to us to diversify our income if we want wealth
  • We know that how we choose to handle our work builds our work habits, for better or for worse
  • We see that the world has changed around us, making incredible opportunities for those brave enough
  • We know that where we put our attention and focus, things grow and flourish

I want more friends who resonate with the above statements, and thus I write here.


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